My not so sex, drugs and rock & roll life.

Hi guys, This weeks chat topic is Sex, drugs and  Rock & roll. So I thought rather than talking about my pretty dull, and huge lack of "Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll" teenage years I thought I would talk about my not so "Rock & Roll but need drugs to have sex life"

Now I'm not the most body confident person and even in the presence of my hubby I still go all flustered and nervous when he see's me naked, Does he think I'm fat? does he still find me attractive, you know all the usual shite, but our sex life has always been good. I have never been the "crazy sex" type, I couldn't think of anything worse then sex outdoors or having sex with my arse crushed up against the window in the car, but give me a few bottles of prosecco and I could go a little crazy cowgirl in the bedroom!

Up until we had our first child sex was good, it was very enjoyable and it wasn't something I ever thought I would be scared of! Then came 30th August…

Look After You Too!

Last week was a real tough one for me, the kids had an appointment each and the hubby did too!
My little girl now has to wear glasses 24/7 after me being convinced that she was just messing around when she got checked out in school, but nope; she has pretty bad vision!
My hubbies appointment went well, he just has to wear his splint on his finger for another two weeks then after a check up in two weeks hopefully it will have healed well!
The appointment for my little man, well it didn't go so well.. we knew what to expect from it, but I had never imaged that he would be classed as severe.. far too much happened at this appointment for me to write it all out again so if you want to read more about it check it out over on my blog here.

While all this was going on, and after several shocks and new things learnt about my children I realised that everyone else had an appointment apart from me, and I really need one.

If I want too look after my children to the best of my ability I need …

Mummies "Me" time.

This week more than just mummies are talking about "me time" do we get it? do we need it? not really and hell yes are the answers to those for me! here are our thoughts on our "me time"


'Me time'.. this Is something that I really don't get enough of but is really important! I have been instructed by my husband to get some more 'me time'!

A little introduction.

Hi guys welcome to our little world of escapism. We are just four hard working mummies doing our best to raise our kiddies. We all have our own blog but we have decided to all come together and make an extra special blog just for "us" Being a mummy is the most amazing thing but its also bloody hard, we spend our life dedicating everything to them...even our posts! So here is where More Than Just Mummies was born. Its for us four ladies to escape from mummy life for a little while and remember the ladies we once were. We are here to talk honestly about the things that make us "us" The sex, relationships, health, wealth and lots more! Join us and lets get nitty, gritty together!