My not so sex, drugs and rock & roll life.

Hi guys, This weeks chat topic is Sex, drugs and  Rock & roll. So I thought rather than talking about my pretty dull, and huge lack of "Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll" teenage years I thought I would talk about my not so "Rock & Roll but need drugs to have sex life"

Now I'm not the most body confident person and even in the presence of my hubby I still go all flustered and nervous when he see's me naked, Does he think I'm fat? does he still find me attractive, you know all the usual shite, but our sex life has always been good. I have never been the "crazy sex" type, I couldn't think of anything worse then sex outdoors or having sex with my arse crushed up against the window in the car, but give me a few bottles of prosecco and I could go a little crazy cowgirl in the bedroom!

Up until we had our first child sex was good, it was very enjoyable and it wasn't something I ever thought I would be scared of! Then came 30th August....The birth of my little boy...the point were I was never to be the same woman again. I was placed on a drip to speed up my labour as my waters had broke 2 days before and I was at risk of infection. The drip didn't just speed my labour up it made me give birth to my little man at only 6cm dilated! As you can imagine after he was born I was rushed down to surgery and "put back together" again. I had had a 4th degree tear inside and out I or should I say..IT was in such a mess. The surgeon mentioned I may never be able to give birth naturally again so I knew at that moment how serious it all was.

The first time we tried to have sex after the birth was intense and very, very painful. I'm getting there now nearly 6 years on but I'm not the same and its still very painful so I need alcohol or strong pills in my system to be able to relax. It really is sex, drugs if I get hubby to pop MTV on we can have the Rock & Roll too! At least I can enjoy the other things we couples do at "sexy" time.

Sometimes it hurts to know the old me, The fun me, is gone and my husband has to deal with it, I'm hoping in time I heal and he gets his crazy cowgirl back.

So to the ladies out there that are all fine and dandy in the vagina department, that are just not having sex because there exhausted, don't go to bed on your own tonight, have a few proseccos and find the crazy cowgirl inside of you!

Thanks for reading 

One Hull of a mum



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