Mummies "Me" time.

This week more than just mummies are talking about "me time" do we get it? do we need it? not really and hell yes are the answers to those for me! here are our thoughts on our "me time"


'Me time'.. this Is something that I really don't get enough of but is really important! I have been instructed by my husband to get some more 'me time'!

Being a stay at home mum you can get quite stuck doing the same thing over and over again and not speaking to any other adults outside of your home, this is not good. I have found myself falling into a dark place recently and I am sure that it is because I haven't been able to get out and clear my mind, forget what is going on and just enjoy myself. I am going to try and get out more even if it is just for a walk around the park by myself, or to grab some food with my sister! I'm also going to try and take some more time to blog here and over on my blog. It's something that I really enjoy doing and it also gets your thoughts out of your head and onto paper.. well kind of paper! If you just let things build up in your head and have no where to put the thoughts or don't talk them over with someone they can end up just boiling up and eating away at you inside! Yes, I talk to my husband, but a blog doesn't talk back, interrupt you when you are on a rant or even a roll of your thoughts just flowing out.
Now 'me time' is also very important for your other half if you have one, as they also need to be able to escape from realism for a while too; my husband plays cricket and he loves that. He plays most weekends that he isn't working and goes to training once a week. He also tries to go out for a jog most evenings or go to the gym.
I find that my husband is a lot better at acquiring this 'me time' than I am, he just informs me what he is doing then off he goes, I always feel a bit bad doing that. I think that because he works and I don't I feel that he deserves to get out and do what he wants when he is off work, but I don't like to make plans in case I annoy him, or for if it is a nice day and he doesn't have anything planned that we should really do something as a family. He is a shift worker, so getting family time is sometimes rather difficult because my little girl is now in school so we can't really do much on the week days if he is off and then if he is off at the weekends he usually has plans. Play cricket is normally those plans, but its something that he really enjoys so why would I stop him from doing this when he works so hard!
I am really excited to try and squeeze in some more 'me time' for me, I just hope that it actually happens and I do get more 'me time' than I do now.. which is very little!
How do you spend your 'me time' or are you like me and really deprived of it?!

One Hull of a Mum

"Me time" wow it sounds good and something I don't get a lot of at all! When I just had the one child I used to enjoy alone time at the gym most weekday evenings, it was AMAZING I would leave the house at 6.30 and not return until 9 I would have a great workout and then a chill out in the pool and jacuzzi! I lost 5 stone and felt great about myself. Then my second child came and my back went from bad to worse and I had to quit the gym...Now I'm lucky to get anytime for myself and I'm left feeling frumpy and exhausted! When the hubby has a day off we tend to do something together when sometimes I should really make a day for myself whilst he spends time with the children. I need to make some time for myself as I think we all do, been a stay at home mum is not easy and I appreciate my hubby goes out to work but sometimes I feel like because I don't work I don't deserve a "day off" but when I sit and think about it, my day doesn't end when I leave the workplace it ends when I crawl into bed until one of the children cries in the night! I'm going to try and get a few hours a week to myself, just to be by myself, maybe that will be a nice quiet bath with book or a little walk around our local park on an evening, just to clear my head of all the "mummy stuff" and find "me" again.

Pass the Prosecco Please

Me time.... it happens so rarely I forget what it means... for me my ultimate evening me time is a nice long soak in a hot bubble bath and getting stuck into a good book. I'm a huge reader and read quickly and so can easily read three or four books a week, and that's just reading in the evenings. I love colouring - I have a collection of adult colouring books which are filled with mandalas and one with swear words. Music is another huge part of my life - sometimes I pop my headphones in, pop on some random cheese and lose myself for a while. Lastly I love walking and can walk for miles; sadly I don't get enough time for this very often. From speaking to mums it seems that some have controversial views on 'me-time'; some are of the view that being a mum is hard and regular me-time is important. Others say that you sacrifice your life when you become a mum. Personally - being a mum is hard and sometimes even a few minutes to yourself can make a huge difference. Whether it's three minutes alone on the loo or a meal out with the girls, me time makes me a better mum and it's so nice to be me and not just a mum.

Do you make time for yourself? what do you do?

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The mummies.


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